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Quin Sprinkles: Stars Pastel
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Quin Sprinkles: Stars Pastel

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SHIPPING: Sprinkles shift during shipping towards inside of packaging. Pour into bowl and remix for best performance representation.
MIXING: Sprinkle product photos are actual photos from batches of particular mixes. Actual product may vary slightly.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors.
BEST BY: Good for approximately 18 months. Comes packaged in a clear, resealable food safe bag which has been heat sealed for freshness.
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Rice Flour, Palm Oil, Tapioca Starch, Glucose Powder, Cellulose Gum, Gum Arabic, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Silicate, FD&C Colors: Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 3, Blue 1, Red 40

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    Star Sprinkles

    The Best Star Sprinkles Online

    Stars remain one of the most fun sprinkles you can decorate with. However, finding a set of star sprinkles that don't lose their integrity and taste great can be difficult. Many of the party stores and grocery stores only sell a few colors or designs of stars if any. At Sweets & Treats, we specialize in creating unique and high-quality sprinkles like star pastel sprinkles and star quin sprinkles. Here's everything you need to know about our wholesale sprinkles.

    Best Pastel Star Quin Sprinkles

    Why Our Star Sprinkles are the Best

    One of the many reasons why our sprinkles are the best is because we offer colors that few other stores can. Our star pastel sprinkles are an eye-catching lightened version of everyone's favorite sprinkle shapes. The softer color makes them great for a baby shower that falls near a holiday or just to have a different take on a patriotic cupcake.

    We also offer a ton of different variation with our star quin sprinkles. Quins are great for making different star shapes out of them. They taste great and their shapes offer plenty of different designs to play around with.

    Another reason our sprinkles are unmatched is because we use high-quality ingredients. By only using high-quality ingredients, we leave that waxy texture and flavor and behind.

    Star sprinkles are great sprinkles to use for various themes and occasions. You can benefit from using our star quin sprinkles for:

    • Birthdays
    • 4th of July
    • Memorial Day
    • Labor Day
    • Baby showers

    Your creativity can be unleashed.

    Buy Unique Star Sprinkles in Bulk

    We Have the Perfect Bulk Package for You

    When you know you're going to need a lot of star pastel sprinkles, then you need bulk options. We're happy to satisfy with our wholesale bulk packages. You'll find plenty of different selections that fit your needs and budget. No matter if you're a home baker, a professional baker, or a party store owner, we can help you.

    Try Our Wholesale Sprinkles Today

    Stars are a great way to show your patriotism or love of space through your baking. Whether you want to make a challenging galaxy cake, or you just want to spread your cheer for Independence Day, you deserve to work with and taste sprinkles that are delicious and crunchy. Try our sprinkles and experience what sprinkles should taste like.


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