Welcome to the sprinkles side of our world! Shop over 250 sprinkle product listings. You'll find all the bulk sprinkles, sprinkle mixes, classic sprinkles, and custom sprinkles you need for your upcoming event. All of our sprinkle listings are sold in retail 4oz bags and bulk sprinkle packaging in 1 pound, 5 pound, and 25 pound cases. Whether it's for a small fancy cake celebration at home, a large cupcake order for a wedding coming up, or you are a bakery or sprinkle company starting up and needing single colors, we have you covered!

How are ours different from every other sprinkle shop you ask? Well, scroll a little to see just how many we offer. It's ok, we'll wait. Now that you have, you see that instead of just making different variations of the same ol' sprinkle mix, we scorched our own path of developing recipes for up and coming party themes that we know you are being begged for a party around at this very moment. Maybe we just like to do our own thing, maybe we are moms just looking for party themes that don't exist like you, we'll never tell.

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