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The Best Natural Sprinkles Online

Shop all natural sprinkles of all the colors of the rainbow! Our natural jimmies are colored with vegetable colorants and no artificial dyes. They contain only plant-based food colors and are perfect for those bakers concerned about artificial food dyes in their baked goods.

Top your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with solid natural sprinkles or our natural rainbow mix! All of the colors of our natural jimmies are a subdued, smooth nature-esque color palette.

We Offer Wholesale and Bulk Natural Sprinkles

Our natural jimmies are a well sought after product line due to their all natural colors and flavors so it pays to buy in bulk and wholesale for sure. As with our other sprinkles, we sell natural sprinkles in bulk 16 ounce and 80 ounce sprinkles bottles as well as 25 pound wholesale cases.

Perfect Natural Colored Sprinkles

All natural sprinkles don't have artificial coloring or flavoring which is a common questions for many bakers especially those looking to offer less chemical filled options when it comes to baking. Our all natural jimmies come in gorgeous, lighter shades for guilt free baking!

Try Our Bulk Natural Sprinkles Today

When you need the best natural sprinkles for cake decorating, then take a look at our offering. Try a few colors today and experience a real difference in quality, texture, and color. They'll quickly become another favorite to decorate with guilt free!

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