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The Best Nonpareils Sprinkles Online

Nonpareil sprinkles are tiny little crunchy sprinkles that boast a sweet flavor with bold colors. These classic sprinkles come in a variety of colors and are used in all of our sprinkle mixes. Great size for ice cream, cake pops and decorated cookies but great on any sweets, even cakes and cupcakes! If you are already a fan of sno cap candies at the grocery store, you'll be thinking of all the sweets you can create with the same type of sprinkles, but in all colors of the rainbow!

In other parts of the world, nonpareils are known as 100s and 1000s or hundreds and thousands but no matter what you call them, you'll want to call them yours! Have fun rimming sprinkle glasses, rolling cake pops, and dipping cookies in these classic sprinkles.

We Offer Bulk and Wholesale Nonpareil Sprinkles

Nonpareil sprinkles are a best seller for a reason! With bakeries and home bakers alike flocking to the shop to stock up, we offer nonpareil sprinkles bulk in a few sizes. From 16oz and 80oz sprinkle bottles to wholesale sizes of 25 pound cases, we have as much or as little as you need for your upcoming baking project.

Exclusive Manufactured Colors

In additon to traditional popular colors such as while nonpareil sprinkles or the ever popular rainbow nonpareils, we also have custom colors you can only find in our sprinkle shop. Try out our coral, teal, and true navy nonpareils for your next cupcakes and cake decorating events.

Our Nonpareils are 100% Edible

Unlike most sprinkle shops online, we ONLY carry edible decorating sprinkles so you can trust that every type you purchase from our shop is made from 100% edible ingredients, not those kinds that list 'non toxic' but tell you they are 'for decorating purposes only'. We know you are going to eat them on your sweets so do so safely!

Try Our Bulk Nonpareils Sprinkles Today

When you need the best nonpareil sprinkles for baking, then take a look at our store. Try a few colors today and experience a real difference in quality, texture, and color. They'll quickly become another favorite sugar sprinkle to decoarate with!

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