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The Best Sugar Crystals Online

Our shimmery chunky sugars are the most popular sugar sprinkles category by far. With over twenty different colors to choose from plus many themed blends including mermaid and holiday themes, they will be your go to sprinkle type too.

The chunky sugar grains allow light to pass through giving it a perfectly shiny, shimmery color that you'll find yourself staring at for way too long before using. In additon to the beautiful colors, our bulk sugar crystals sprinkles have a perfectly sweet taste, exactly what you'd expect from this crunchy sprinkle. No wonder these are a favorite classic sugar sprinkles type for decorated sugar cookies and king cakes! Before long, you'll be keeping our 4 ounce sprinkle bottles in your purse to sprinkle on everything including your daily Starbucks pickup!

With over 20 different sugar sprinkles colors to choose from, you are sure to find one you love! And most importantly, we only carry 100% edible sugar crystals in our shop!

We Offer Bulk and Wholesale Sugar Crystals

We aren't known as a leading bulk and wholesale sprinkle shop for no reason. Each of our chunky sugar crystals listing have a bulk and wholesale packaging option from 1 pound all the way to our 25 pound case. No matter the amount, our bulk options will satisfy any quantity to you need for your upcoming baking projects.

Large Color Variety To Fit Your Needs

Our shop carries a huge variety of sugar crystals for baking. From traditional colors like red for Christmas and Valentine's Day to lime green and black for Halloween, we stock the sugars you need. In addition to traditional colors, we have modern, fun colors like teal, raspberry, and coral that you won't find in many baking supply shops.

Our Sparkling Sugars are Edible

We take customer safety seriously and like our other types, our sugar crystals are 100% edible, made from only FDA ingredients and compliant colors that you can trust for your baking needs. You won't find any 'for decoration only' confectionery items here!

Our Chunky Sugars are Larger than Sanding Sugar

Our sugar crystals are larger in size than the fine granual sanding sugar that you find on the market today. With a larger grain, you get a better shine and crunch than you might be used to. Our sugar size is perfect for cocktail rims and mimicking 'sand' on baked goods.

Try Our Bulk Sugar Crystals Today

When you need the best sugar crystals for baking, then take a look at our store. Try a few colors today and experience a real difference in quality, texture, and shine. They'll quickly become your favorite sugar sprinkle to decoarate with!

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